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Rune's are an oracle of the self. If you are looking to understand more about yourself and the shadow aspects of yourself runes are perfect for this due to the Oracle of the Self-Journey.


Tarot is about the Fool's Journey into the world. Think of the fool not in the sense of what you would typically think. The Fool in tarot is the child in all of us going through the stages of challenges, & revelations about themselves and/or the world around them.



Human Design is the blueprints to your vessel. It's a mapping system to understand where energy flows in and out of your body. It gives you a breakdown of your Subconscious (the design) mind & body as well as your conscious (personality) state of mind & body. It provides a deeper way of understanding yourself and how you should be responding to life to live more in alignment


           READINGS &

I channel through automatic writing while simultaneously using my Clairaudience & Clairvoyance. I also work with Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Metatron as well as a few deities like Odin when doing readings as well.

So, a typical reading would look like me asking the divination your question and as I sit, I channel your message through automatic writing. I use the divination as key points for channeling. 

There will be moments where I will write in your reading "Heard/Hearing" and that just means I heard through my clairaudience something that really needs to be highlighted in the reading.

Now if you are coming to me about a love reading most chances are I will always pick up on what shadow work about selflove & self-worth you will need to do, because let's face it you can always get back together but if you don't work on the issues within self, it will be the same repeating cycles no matter what so let's explore and work on that first. 


I recommend a rune reading verses a tarot reading when it comes to asking about your relationship.