My name is Jordan and I have been spiritual all my life. I have always thought outside of the box when it came to the bigger picture of life. I collected crystals at a very young age, believed in many different religions & have been fascinated with fairies. As I have grown older my growing belief there is more to life turned into a soul search within myself. With each passing year and multiple spiritual awakenings, I just knew this was MY path. As I walk along this path, I've come to realize that this isn't just a way of thinking for me, not even just a hobby THIS THIS is MY CALLING. I am here to generate light on to others and be the spiritual channel to give messages that others need to hear.

** Update **

Certified in Tarot & Runes

I decided to take my knowledge of the tarot and back it up with schooling. I want to ensure those who get readings from me that I put forth effort to make sure I know my craft. Having certifications isn't a must have but for me having that backing for everyone was something I wanted.